2016 BAC Board of Directors Election Nominees

published 6 December 2016 by Kyle Kemper in Elections

About the Election

On December 11th, all registered members of the BAC will receive an email with a link to vote online. Each member will be given 9 votes to cast. Voting will close on at midnight PST on December 12th. Results will be announced on December 13th. To join the BAC click here.

Joseph Weinberg

Jason Weinburg LinkedIn | @josephweinberg | paycase.com

Biography: An early investor in Bitcoin and a director at Coinsetter until its acquisition by Kraken FX in 2016, Joseph Weinberg knows his way around the digital currency world.

Currently, Mr. Weinberg is the co-founder and CEO of Paycase, A universal platform company that enables individuals, businesses, and financial institutions to connect to the Internet of Value for the purpose of cross-boarder settlement and remittance.

His diverse experience also includes business development roles at both Xtreme Labs and Pivotal Inc., where he worked on building some of the largest mobile applications currently in use around the world today.

His passion for global transformation and systemic equality is rooted in experience. Prior to joining Xtreme Labs, Joseph spent time in the Peruvian Amazon where he stayed amongst some of the worlds most underdeveloped and impoverished cultures.

Joseph holds a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University with concentrations in Business & Computer Science.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

Drive innovation the protocol forward for Canada. Helping shape policy, development, and Canadian thought leadership locally and globally.

Michael Gord

Michael Gord LinkedIn | @bitgord | mlgblockchain.com| bitcoincanada.org

Biography: Michael is a full stack developer and entrepreneur who is focused on building decentralized applications, using blockchains and smart contract technology. Michael is currently the Founder of MLG Blockchain and a Director of the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) and the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). Michael is an alumni of Desautels, where he studied business and founded the McGill Fintech Club and Bitcoin Canada.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I have been active in growing the bitcoin and blockchain community across Canada and globally for the past three years.

Jim Shier

Jim Shier @jim_shier | downtownmarkham.ca


Owner’s Representative – The Remington Group 2005-Present

C.E.O. – Joint LLC – 2002-2005

C.E.O. – Sevencontinents and Technology Furniture Systems 2000-2002

E.V.P Sales – Ontario Store Fixtures 1998-2000

E.V.P Corporate Affairs 1996-1998

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I have studied monetary policy for over 30 years. I am a disciple of Austrian Economics and an opponent of Keynesianism and the fiat money systems around the world. Most of all, I believe that Bitcoin (and Blockchain Technology) is truly one of the greatest gifts we have given ourselves, for the new Millennium. It is sound money, by definition and will endure long after the fiat schemes have failed. I think we will soon be ushering in a new age where sound money reigns supreme and Bitcoin is certain to be one of the most trusted forms of money, around the world.

Amber Scott

Amber Scott LinkedIn | @OutlierCanada | outliercanada.com


Amber D. Scott, MBA, CIPPC, CAMS, CBP

Amber is a self-described “compliance nerd” with broad financial experience that includes banking, investments, insurance and most recently cryptocurrency and blockchain. She firmly believes that good compliance can be good business when it’s done right. In the interest of doing it right, she launched Outlier Solutions Inc. in 2013, where she continues to offer consulting services as well as a suite of on-line, on-demand products.

If you want to read more: https://www.outliercanada.com/about/amber-d-scott/

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I’m a former banker and current consultant who had a “Welcome to Satoshi” moment in 2013 when a good friend and client asked me to update his risk assessment to include bitcoin. I had read very little on the topic, and that was limited to popular media and academic papers, so I asked that he pay my retainer in bitcoin.

Since then, I have worked with both established companies and startups. I believe that blockchain technology will change our world in ways that we can’t yet imagine. I love the passion that so many technology entrepreneurs are bringing to the forefront in Canada, and it would be my honour to serve that community as a director of the Bitcoin and Blockchain Alliance.

Jason Cassidy

Jason Cassidy LinkedIn | @CryptoCowboys | cryptoconsultant.com


One of the most positive people you will meet in your life time. My passions are helping others, learning new ways of doing common things and embracing change for the gift that it is. I have an ability to see the future with a certain level of clarity, which comes from removing one’s ego and personal bias from the process. Not an easy task for any of us even on our very best days.

These insights have led me down some fascinating paths in the realms of health, film, finance, science, politics and technology. Through my various professional pursuits I have been able to build successful relationships with the numerous Fortune 500 companies and governmental bodies. I have deep technical background that I leverage from working at a high-level role for seven years at BlackBerry, where I managed people, technologies and communications. Since that time I have been involved in the first 100 Million dollar Bitcoin company in 2013, formed one of Canada’s 1st Bitcoin consultancies as well as worked in an Advisor role for several of the top blockchains in the industry. I am also currently involved in some very exciting blockchain projects within Canada and outside of.

The common theme with working alongside my partners is simply that I leave each and every one of them better off for sharing the experience. My goal is always the same:

Success through honesty, integrity and hard work. The kicker? We always have fun while we accomplish it, and do not let anyone ever tell you it cannot be done this way.. Have a great day and make sure you find the time to smile : )

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I will bring a unique skill set to the BAC in that I have a deep technical background as well as proven leadership and communication skills. Being in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry since 2012 I believe I am well prepared to help the Bitcoin Alliance raise its profile not only within Canada but eventually on an international stage.

I also feel a certain level of emotional intelligence is required to be successful in this role. My background in various leadership roles in Fintech will allow me to help the BAC meet their mandate of being good custodians of both Bitcoin and Blockchain technology within Canada.

Jason Butcher

Jason Butcher LinkedIn | @Jasonbutcher | coinpayments.net


Jason is driven to make the world a better place and is passionate about bringing innovative people and businesses together across all disciplines with the intention of providing resources and tools to support the growth of others.

Jason is a native of BC and is a serial Entreprenuer with nearly 3 decades of experience building businesses globally in diverse industries and markets including Canada, Australia, The Caribbean, South and Central America, Hong Kong, Monaco, Malta, United Kingdom, and others.

Jason is often referred to as a thought leader, connector, strategist, evangelist, deal maker, coach, mentor, firefighter, customer champion, decision maker and problem solver.

Jason currently resides in West Vancouver, he enjoys mentoring Young Entrepreneurs, he is a mentor with Futurepreneur, an advisor for several entrepreneurial startups, he is a volunteer with the Canadian Auxiliary Coast Guard Search and Rescue, a member of Virgin United, Tedx YourGX, and loves to travel.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

Having been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and starting over 100 companies around the world I have the experience and resources to help any organization be more successful.

Matthew Hamilton

Matthew Hamilton LinkedIn | loyyal.com


Since 2007 Matthew Hamilton has founded and managed two junior mining companies and a consulting company focused in financial and underwriting services. In addition he held the position of Chief Financial Officer at Emperor Oil Ltd (TSX:EM) and Manager of Corporate Communications at Kimber Resources Inc. (TSX: KBR / NYSE AMEX: KBX). Mr. Hamilton holds a B.Sc in Natural Resource Management as well as a Masters degree with focused studies in finance, economics and management.

Matthew has a strong background in finance and management. He spent five years, both in university and in an engineering capacity, gaining an understanding of resource management. From 2006-2014 Mr. Hamilton worked primarily in financial markets in an investment banking, accounting, managerial and corporate communications capacity.

During the two years beginning early 2014 Mr. Hamilton embarked on a sabbatical to experience a life-long goal of living in a foreign country. His travels brought him all over Central America, where he created a home base in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Living and creating businesses in the hemisphere’s second poorest country, Matthew has learned to adapt to unknown and often chaotic circumstances in a short time frame. The experience has also allowed him time and space to focus intensive studies in probability, behaviour, strategy and programming.

In March of 2016 Mr. Hamilton returned to Vancouver, Canada where he continued self-directed studies and accepted board positions with Loyyal, a blockchain-enabled universal loyalty and rewards platform, and Veritas Pharma Inc., a pharmaceutical company developing innovative medicinal cannabis cultivars.

Matthew is currently in Dubai working on enterprise-level use cases applying blockchain technology to incentivize behavior and holds the position of Director of Strategic Partnerships at Loyyal.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

Passionate about and deeply involved in the implementation of commercial application for blockchain technology. I work directly with many fortune 500 companies in North America, Asia, Europe and the MENA area on pilots using blockchain-enabled solutions related to incentives and behaviour. In addition I have been on board of directors and advisory boards of many private and public companies over the past 8 years both in Canada and in international markets.

Michael Vogel

Michael Vogel LinkedIn | @michaelvogel_87 | gonetcoins.com


Michael Vogel began his career as an electronics engineer in the Smart Home / IoT space, with several products launched to market. More recently, Michael has re-directed his passion to the Bitcoin digital currency revolution.

In 2014, Michael and his brother Dominic co-founded Netcoins (www.goNetcoins.com), creating & launching “virtual” Bitcoin ATMs designed for selling Bitcoin in retail stores (more info: www.goNetcoins.com), currently launched in 7,000 stores in Canada and Australia. Netcoins is also working on launching in-store remittances, as a consumer alternative to Western Union.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I’m excited to continue growing Bitcoin / Blockchain adoption in Canada. Along with my co-founder at Netcoins, in May we filmed a segment for CBC’s Dragons’ Den to promote Bitcoin, plus I regularly volunteer my time to give talks on Bitcoin & Blockchain.

I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with business owners and consumers to grow Bitcoin adoption in Canada as well. Education & awareness is still a big factor to encourage newcomers to adopt Bitcoin.

Jordan Samulaitis

Jordan Samulaitis LinkedIn | @jsamulaitis | otcpayments.com


I have been a IT Management/Security/Solutions Professional for over 15 years with a strong knowledge of Computer and Network infrastructure/communications and Bitcoin.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I feel I can add value to the group as a whole as I currently chair and participate on a few technology related community associations/organizations such as Microsoft, (ISC)2 Internet Security Consortium and PM/BA North American Conferences.

James Gonzalez

James Gonzalez LinkedIn | @jimmy_crypto | cryptoconsultant.com


Born in Toronto in 1980, I grew up outside the city in Mississauga. I am first generation Canadian and my parents are from Spain and India. My family briefly moved to London, England for 4 years where my sister was born, we later moved back to Mississauga in 1987. My first investments began as a 17 year old into mutual funds and later equities. Growing up in Mississauga I then moved to Waterloo to attend Wilfrid Laurier University in 2000. After a year and a half, my entrepreneurial tendencies got the better of me so I dropped out in 2002 to start a real estate investment/consulting company with a business partner. During this time I was involved with another business startup, where I learned additional first hand sales, marketing and business development skills. A few years later I would spend 7 years with an insurance company startup as a high level claims operational manager, simultaneously still running my private equity company Harlow Equities Ltd. Throughout this time, I have been an avid investor which led me to discover bitcoin in 2012. Making my first investments in Bitcoin in earlier 2013 I was blown away at what I was experiencing first hand, months followed and my investments into the blockchain space began. With extensive knowledge in bitcoin venture capital, crypto currency investing and consulting, fin-tech and blockchain domains, I have been privileged in my experiences over the past 4 years in the industry. With a passion for people and crypto, I look forward to continuing spreading the good word of the blockchain!

In 2014, Michael and his brother Dominic co-founded Netcoins (www.goNetcoins.com), creating & launching “virtual” Bitcoin ATMs designed for selling Bitcoin in retail stores (more info: www.goNetcoins.com), currently launched in 7,000 stores in Canada and Australia. Netcoins is also working on launching in-store remittances, as a consumer alternative to Western Union.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I believe with my business development experience, specifically in sales and marketing can assist the BAC with Canadian adoption. Also, being an avid participant in the industry for the past 4 years, I have helped many Canadians explore and navigate this new exciting industry. I believe my skill set, passion and work ethic will be of great value to the BAC and assisting in the Canadian blockchain adoption!

Fred Sherman

Fred Sherman LinkedIn | @FredDSherman | fredsherman.ca


Fred Sherman is responsible for the overall strategic positioning, growth and direct management of several key integrated business areas that provide public affairs and corporate solutions to help organizations and individuals motivate action, build relationships, and influence behaviours.

An adept strategist, he collaborates with political, public, private and non-governmental stakeholders. This includes as leadership counsel, an Advisor to government; and as a designated Subject Matter Expert for Global Affairs Canada, training professionals and teachers for international service.

A seasoned communicator, he has hosted public affairs radio; was a recurring CBC political panelist; and delivered social commentary televised in Canada and around the world. He has been quoted in newspapers including the Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star, Le Devoir, Montreal Gazette, and the Calgary Herald.

Fred Sherman remains passionate about social responsibility; and has been engaged in politics at the federal, provincial, municipal and student level.


  • Strategic communications, public relations, branding and marketing
  • Government relations and advocacy; stakeholder engagement Public presentation and media training
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching and Training
Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

Seasoned leadership communications expert and entrepreneur with high-level national digital policy experience and networks.

Jason Dearborn

Jason Dearborn bitcoineducationcentre.ca


I am a fifth generation farmer with an extensive education and CV in international business and elected service. Currently the Chair of Dominion Bitcoin Mining Ltd. (See Jason Dearborn on Wikipedia)

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I have experience in the bitcoin sector and in the regulatory sector, specifically in the political realm.

Philippe Chevry

Philippe Chevry LinkedIn | @pchevry | philippechevry.com


Entrepreneur for over 20 years.

My main interests are in: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Space Exploration, Cryptocurrencies and disruptive technologies. I value Wellness, Success, Quality of Life, Commitment, Intelligent Work, Entrepreneurship and Self Improvement. I am passionate about Innovation, Futurism, Science, Life, Humanity. Start-up World: I built my first company (in science education) at 19 years old.

Over the years I got involved in the foundation of various initiative such as Clown Without Boarders Canada, A Fair Trade Coffee Shop, an Artist Management Company. Worked within a Mobile Video Game Start-up, got involved in innovative technological art projects and invested time in a sentiment based trading start-up. Now contributing to the following Start-ups:, Existence Labs, KeyStamp, Liquid Crowd, S3R3NITY, Luminary, Concured, Mind Laboratory, TG Capital Tech.

On the techy side I have gained experience with a wide range of technologies in the following areas: Linux/Unix & IT infrastructures, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Analytics, Fintech Cybersecurity, New Media, Cryptocurrencies.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I have been deeply involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain echosystem since 2013. Advisor at the Bitcoin Embassy, I now invest and run 3 startup in Blockchain Tech: Existence Labs, KeyStamp and Liquid Crowd.

I am highly skilled in diplomacy, negotiation, and business leadership.

I have been in lead position for many years and I currently see a need in leadership within the Bitcoin & Blockchain community. I see a lot of sparce group in Canada. We need to raise the bar. With DAH and DCG Moving to Canada we need to be united in our vision. I will definitly wok in unifying the community over 2017 and I think the Bitcoin and Blockchain Aliance of Canada could be a good plateform to do so.

Jean-Philippe Brochu

Jean-Philippe Brochu LinkedIn | quebecbitcoinpayments.com/


2005-2015 Ayant une forte expérience en financement de projets et en gestion d’entreprise, je compte plus de 10 années d’expériences dans les secteurs du commerce de détail et de gros; j’ai œuvré intensément dans la distribution internationale et domestique de plusieurs brands canadiens européens tel que I Found Outerwear, Yes Snowboards, Now bindings et Dupraz snowboard, Je suis aussi très alaise avec l’import-export et la logistique du transport.

En tant que Directeur Général Adjoint, j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec des fournisseurs étrangers d’envergures. Ayant mis en marché des milliers de produits sur trois continents, j’ai à cœur les résultats de qualité et je suis reconnu pour mes nombreuses réalisations lors de la planification, l’organisation et la gestion de projets spéciaux et de missions commerciales.

Je suis tout autant alaise avec la gestion financière et le contrôle des flux de monétaires sans être CPA, j’ai également tenu le rôle de contrôleur interne durant plus de 7 ans. Ayant terminé un EMBA pour cadre en exercice en 2016, mes connaissances en gestion d’entreprise sont donc à jour et m’ont permis de théoriser l’expérience gagnés et acquises sur le terrain de entrepreneuriat.

2013-2016 Passionné de la technologie Blockchain, je vulgarise le phénomène des technologies décentralisées en offrant des formations sur mesures, des services de consultations stratégiques et solutions d’affaires hautement innovantes en matière de TI pour les commerces et les particuliers. Je consacre maintenant une partie de mon temps à ce monde innovant et révolutionnaire tout en restant à l’affût de nouveaux défis qui se présentent autour de moi.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I have been on many Boards and I can represent Quebec City better then anyone else!

Manie Eager

Manie Eager LinkedIn | @manieeager | digitalfutures.co


CEO DigitalFutures Inc.

Chairman of the Bitcoin & Blockchain Alliance of Canada.

Co-author of the first ever crowdsourced TheFinTechBook.

Past Barclays and Vodafone executive.

Participated in the 2015 Canadian Standing Senate Committee on Banking Trade and Commerce study “Digital Currency: You Can’t Flip this Coin”.

Conducted the first ever study for the BC government and AdvantageBC in 2016 on “Blockchain and Emerging Financial Technologies: Positioning British Columbia as a Global FinTech Hub”.

Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

I am the current Chair of the BAC and I am looking forward to help drive our mission and vision forward in 2017: http://bitcoinalliance.ca/

There is still much work to do around merchant adoption, friendlier user experience, regulatory clarification, the opening of bank accounts for BTC startups and trading accounts around the world, closing the gap between innovation and regulatory roadblocks (who have legitimate concerns around compliance, consumer protection, KYC, AML, ant-terrorism, the list goes on); or banks threatened when they have to comply but seeing startups straying into their turf while challenging regulatory hurdles or attempting to leapfrog it. In reality, the startups are simply overwhelmed by the dearth of requirements to play on the financial institutions’ turf and their terms.

This is the time to redouble our efforts and ensure that the fight is just not just on the frontlines, but also where it really matters. With people who can apply this for their personal benefit and in their daily lives.

So where does the future BAC fit into all of this?

Key milestones to date
  • Canada-wide community and stakeholder engagement
  • Participation in Senate hearings
  • A well attended Bitcoin Expo
  • Bitcoin certificate training
Key future focus areas
  • Education. Education. Education. Community and stakeholder educational and training programs are essential.
  • We are not a fight club! We want the whole world to know, understand and participate in a transparent and accountable fashion.
  • Outreach. On governance, best practices, and local and international partnerships and collaborations.
  • Leveraging resources. We have financial resources to go another round and set the stage for the BAC’s future. Ongoing membership and community involvement will build capacity, and ensure the BAC’s sustainability and success.
  • I am certain the new board will update and enhance this mandate further.

    Bitcoin & Blockchain Alliance of Canada update next steps

    We have had great leadership and direction from our initial founders & now is the time to refresh and double down on the issues and opportunities at hand and help shepherd in the next generation of devs, startups, collaborations, consortia, enterprise initiatives, government engagements.

    Many of our past active members, organizers, volunteers and directors have become leading actors in the unfolding bitcoin and blockchain landscape.

    I wish to help drive this forward for the next generation of digital currency, fintech and blockchain pioneers and frontiers.

    Jerry Qian

    Jerry Qian LinkedIn


    “Millenial Techie”. Life Science (Environmental Science) Major. Bitcoin & cryptocurrency trader / market analyst. Networking maven. Blockchain & Digital Transformation Analyst. Blockchain education courseware developer. Self-taught Solidity smart contract programming language. Bitcoin & Blockchain Meetup event organizer. Participant in multiple blockchain hackathons. Randomly networks with corporate executives. Worked with multiple Bitcoin & blockchain startups. Starcraft connoisseur and practitioner. Cannabis Enthusiast. Sheep in Wolf’s clothing

    Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

    Super chill, straight forward person. Will tell you things like it is. Has both technical and nontechnical perspectives to Bitcoin & blockchain. Student of organically grown communities. Student of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Translates technical jargon into simple English. Will build a beautiful blockchain wall. Will make customers pay for it. Will Make Bitcoin Great Again.

    Kyle Kemper

    Kyle Kemper LinkedIn | @kylekemper


    Kyle Kemper is an Ottawa-based business consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and advisor. Mr. Kemper is currently the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. Mr. Kemper is a passionate visionary, connector, and problem solver with over 10 years of professional experience across many different industries. Business development, emerging technologies, marketing, social media, payments, customer service, product design, politics, and information technology are domains in which Mr. Kemper has a great deal of knowledge.

    For his work in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space, Mr. Kemper has been featured on major radio, broadcast, and print media outlets for his work in the space. Mr. Kemper has also worked closely with the Canadian Senate Committee on banking, trade, and commerce and appeared before it in April of 2014.

    Aside from his work with the Bitcoin Alliance, Mr. Kemper has held senior positions within CAVIRTEX, Coinsetter, Kraken, and ChangeTip. In January of 2016 Mr. Kemper began working on the Social Wallet; a non-profit blockchain wallet which aims to be a simple, secure & self-sovereign digital wallet for a connected future.

    Mr. Kemper chooses Bitcoin and has a deep understanding of how the currency and the technology are poised to challenge and disrupt industries. In an effort to mitigate disruption, Mr. Kemper has been working on an economic model to insure ones wealth against Bitcoin; this model can be applied to individuals, companies, central banks, and even countries. This model will be released in Q1 of 2017.

    A firm believer in love, liberty, and honourable value creation, Mr. Kemper seeks to leave a positive impact on the world. Mr. Kemper is relentless in his drive to bring about positive social change. Mr. Kemper has a BCOMM degree from Dalhousie University and has received designation as a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

    Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

    Having been a part of the organization since 2014 I have a clear understanding of where the organization is, where it’s failed, and what it needs to do to succeed. I am excited by the nominations and look forward to working with the new board moving forward.

    Dave Bradley

    Dave Bradley LinkedIn | BitcoinBrains.com


    A serial entrepreneur and long-time bitcoin enthusiast, Dave co-founded Bitcoin Brains, Calgary’s first bitcoin brokerage in 2013. Since that time, he has grown to become widely regarded as an expert on both technological and financial sides of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

    Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

    I believe that bitcoin is an important tool for free speech in Canada and around the world and I will fight to keep it that way.

    Right now Canada is a world leader in bitcoin and blockchain technology.

    To fully take advantage of this opportunity we need to make sure that Canada avoids the same mistakes made in New York with the BitLicence. Over-regulation kills innovation and kills small businesses.

    Ageesen Sri

    Ageesen Sri LinkedIn | @AgeesenSri | u.cash


    Entrepreneur in the Bitcoin & Blockchain industry full time since 2012.

    CEO @ U.CASH (www.u.cash), Founder @ Bitcoin XYZ (www.bitcoin.xyz) & Securacoin (www.securacoin.com)

    Co-Organizer & Founder @ Canada Bitcoin Blockchain / Fintech Canada (www.meetup.com/CanadaBitcoin) – Canada’s Largest Bitcoin / Blockchain events held every couple of months a year.

    Advisor to and a part of various other Bitcoin / Blockchain startups in the space.

    Past: Background of 10 years in business experience founding and growing startups and traditional businesses. Founder of a chain of retail (and online) printing / design stores. Co-founder of multiple startups, some with exits and mergers. Educational background in Economics & Psychology, with related business experience in B2B and B2C focused environments. Huge skillsets in Marketing, Branding, Business Growth, Development and Execution.

    Current Mission Objectives:

    1) Decentralize & Distribute banking and financial services and bring life-changing access to the global economy to billions of people worldwide.

    2) Educate the public about the benefits of bitcoin and bring access to bitcoin services to veteran and new users alike.

    3) Develop services and businesses which will have far ranging positive benefits for the bitcoin ecosystem as well as the entire world at large.

    Why would you be a good director of the BAC?

    I am currently involved in various efforts in the Bitcoin & Blockchain space in Canada (and abroad, eg. India) to bring main stream adoptance of these innovative technologies to the fore-front. As a Co-Organizer and Founder of the biggest Bitcoin/Blockchain events in Canada, we have been promoting the current environment and future growth of this burgeoning ecosystem in this country. I have also been an advisor and helped the Bitcoin Alliance in the past and would love to continue to be involved in making this industry even greater than what it is in Canada today through active participation in the Alliance.

    With an online presence and an audience in the hundreds of thousands of followers (personally and for my startups) across multiple social media platforms, I am able to get word out for events, and industry news and foster activity around these really quickly. Whether it is LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or a myriad of other venues, you will always see me promotion Bitcoin & Blockchain to everybody and anybody. I am a firm believer in the Brute Force method of marketing which advises to get your message out to as many people as possible at every given time to maximize your chance of virality.

    I believe there are still tons of things to be done to increase user awareness, government knowledge, merchant adoption and general positive viewpoints/opinions of this industry at large. Banking access for startups in the industry has also been very lacking in Canada, and I hope to be able to open communications and foster positive change with regulators and the banking sector as well.

    Having founded multiple startups in the industry and having gone through the rigorous requirements to both adhere to existing AML/KYC standards and regulations in Canada and worldwide, I am able to bring much needed grassroots experience to the Board. The startup ecosystem and the jobs it will create in this industry in Canada are just starting to see some exposure and phenomenal growth, and I will continue to focus on expanding and bringing clarity to government, public and private sector individuals about the benefits of this innovative new platform for Black Swan events.

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